Friday, March 18, 2011

The Cold Shoulder: A Haiku

A few months ago,
Extreme discomfort began.
Assumed it would pass.

Much like John McCain
Unable to raise my arm
Went from bad to worse

Left arm? Overhead.
Right arm? Bad nazi salute.
Something must be done.

Off to the doctor
The diagnosis was made
PT has begun

The Richmond Ballet
Therapy with young dancers
Makes me feel quite old

Illusions of youth?
Mine have been dashed to the ground.
Look at this brochure...
Reaching for a cat?
Suppose I need a housecoat--
Let myself go gray.

Silly ol' brochure
Has provided lots of laughs
Motivation, too!

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Finished for Friday? My first week of physical therapy. Join in with ThreeUnder at Lit & Laundry!


cat said...

Oh my gosh, that brochure looks like something from the 60's!

Missy said...

So funny (brochure not shoulder pain)
When pregnant, my dr gave me a lower back brocure. It gave me hours of enjoyment and laughter. Exercise diagrams - hilarious.

Rebecca said...

Two things that are awesome about this post:

1. You compared yourself to McCain...why wouldn't you?
2. That brochure...horrible!!!

PT is amazing though...cured me and got me to walk again...that's pretty damn amazing. I give myself frozen shoulder while I sleep, BTW...pretty sad.