Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shout. Shout. Let It All Out.

Come on. I'm talking to you, come on!

Scream-free parenting: Not an adherant, and if entirely truthful, not even an advocate.

Call me insensitive, call me reactionary, call health and human services, but I genuinely believe occasions occur wherein a little strategically applied vocal verve effectively sells it to the back of the house.

For those genuinely fearful for my sweeties' psyches, perhaps a bit of clarification is merited. If a napkin doesn't make it to a lap, my larynx isn't overworked. If the playroom is in utter disarray, I don't dole out the decibels. Hurting each other? I'm hollerin'.

In the 21st century, my fear is that as a parenting population, we tend to tippy-toe too tentatively, viewing our children's omnihappiness (yes, the "yelling" inhibits glee temporarily; but to my view, justly. Isn't that how correction/behavior-modification occurs? Don't those mice in the maze get an ever-so-slight buzz in order to learn the "right" path?) as more important than their ability to cope adequately in the inevitably non-coddling adult environment. Risking their long-term social acumen and fluency for the fleeting parental "self-satisfaction" of maintaining my cool (and their "friendship") by following the highly touted tot-raising trends du jour just seems far more insensitive than my currently employed, twin audience attention-getting, maternal method. I don't want my kids to enter adulthood emotionally ill-equipped -- having never confronted "enthusiastic" redirection.

For me: Loud = Love.

[Side benefit: Sarah and Darren are familiar with large, open mouths.]

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The above is a personal perspective...first addressed in 2008. As our twins have grown, unapologetically, my song remains the same.


Donna said...

I refer to my octave raising tendency as "unleashing the sonic boom!" No matter what the words are, my guys know that "sound" and immediately cease activity - whether they need to search for some unseen-to-their-eyes incoming danger (a runaway car or perhaps a plane dropping from the sky) or look inward and perform a self-evaluation for proper behaviour - either way, they know to STOP and review their surroundings and take precautionary measures! Thanks for putting OUT there what is good to know in a world that, in my opinion, judges Mommas a little too harshly! ;-)

Kate Hall said...

Sing it, sister! Love it! Can't tell you how great it feels to
Read his, almost as good as beltin' out a well-deserved hollerin'!

Barbara Manatee said...

I loved the "enthusiastic redirection" when I first red it a few years ago and still love it now! I'm completely on your side - I don't yell much, but the kids know I mean business when I do.

Tracey said...

True believer in loud around this house!

Greenacremama said...

LOL...I hollar too...especially when outlet covers are being pulled out, de-humidfier knobs are ripped off and some reaching for the gas stove buttons occur. Loud don't even begin to cover it...yet they turn around and do it again. Thankgoodness for the Hip.Nothing like good music to help your patience regain it's strength. ; )

Jennifer said...

LOL! YES! Loud does equal love! And my DS is fully aware of how much I love him! hahaha!

Great post! Popping on over from SITS to congratulate you on your feature day! Hope you have a great Thursday!

Robin said...

Sometimes loud is good....
and sometimes throwing an oven mitt and wooden spoon (from across the room) at your child's head (when he /she is about to do someting life threatening like stick their finger in an outlet) is good.

Beth in NC said...

I have one sweet little 6 year old. I don't think I have ever had to yell -- at least not YET. I can raise my voice and she halts. Ha, I know it sounds too good to be true, but I'm telling the truth. Maybe because she is an only child (so far). ha.

I'm going to follow you. I hope you'll pop over to my place as well. Congrats on your SITS day!


Morgan said...

A little loudness to get their attention ... it's a good thing! :) I'd rather use my big voice with them instead of a judge, police officer or principal. :)

Enjoy your SITS day :)

MJ said...

Nothing is worng with a little yelling says the lady with no kids. I figure I didnt turn out to bad and my mom yelled a lot.

Working Mommy said...

I couldn't agree more! Sometimes a little tonal change and volume adjustment will get the correct response!