Thursday, July 14, 2011

Parlance du Pup

Over a year ago now, we added the lovely Larry Dog to our family.

Funny. In his first week here, he emitted nary a noise. In short order, he made it clear he was absolutely one of us. Whenever he wanted something---anything----be it a treat, a walk, or a pet on the head, vocal "requests" made his desires known.

Now, it seems he's become a ventrilo-dog.

As Double Daddy took our too-long-house-bound-by-the-heat canine for a walk, Larry "wondered" aloud (and amazingly in English) if I might use the occasion to vacuum while they were out. [Good suggestion, Larry. Consider it done.]

Seems as though Larry is "convinced" She-Twin is mature enough to handle an iPod Touch. [Mature she may be, but an iPod Touch? Not any time soon...]

With great regularity, Larry "tells" me (miraculously in He-Twin's voice) how Darren is such a good boy, and his very, very best friend.
Seems pictures speak as loudly as Larry Dog's words.

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Terra said...

Love that pup, nudging you in directions and reminding you of love!