Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Way Back When-esday: Piggies are Passe

Dateline: February 2005
Twins' Age: 3

Do you remember when you were young, the excitement you felt finding money inside mailed greetings from grandparents? Since they were wee, whenever our twins' cards have contained cash dividends, the new finances have been carefully folded and inserted into matching bunny banks.

Year-end good marks merited a grandparentally bestowed ten-spot each---received earlier this week by our rising 4th graders. Two far bigger children continued the ritual depicted above.

Twin-practiced traditions warm my heart his mid-week.

Why don't you dive into your digital files, and play along with Way Back When-esday?

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cat said...

Yeah for some cash. May they spend it wisely.

Terra said...

YEAH! We are looking into the kiddie checking accounts this summer - haven't taken the plunge yet - one is too young and will surely want to participate...

Melissa said...

Love the bunny banks! I know how exciting it is to get money from the grandparents! My kids love putting money in their banks too. They love counting the money even more. Happy Wednesday to you!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I was just thinking yesterday about getting our girls banks (not sure of the animal variety). :)

I've been putting their birthday money into a savings account for them...even hauling them into the bank with me to make the deposit (as opposed to just running through the drive-thru) - as they like the fountain inside the bank...but I think they'll soon be old enough to start understanding a bit more about money.

debi9kids said...

that is my kids' favorite gift.
(mine too)

LOVE this adorable pic :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

Money in a card is one of Princess Nagger's favorite gifts! :) They're so CUTE!!

WW: Princess Nagger Visits the Devonian Fossil Gorge

Claroux said...

Moments out of recovery from c section. High as a kite on dilaudid. Nurses decided parenting by fire was the best way for me to jump in and thrust both girls upon me at once! I linked up! LOVE your pic by the way

Barb said...

My first time linking up... I love the idea!
Cute bunny banks; my 3 just got there first bank, although they were piggies :)