Thursday, August 25, 2011

They're Making Their Lists...

Beyond my comprehension, our two will be turning TEN---that's DOUBLE DIGITS, as I'm oft-reminded these days---on September 5.

Naturally, we're hoping to present presents to please, because after all, they're going to be TEN---that's double digits, you know.

In keeping things fraternal, as our two have done for nearly TEN years (that's double digits, and don't you forget it!), their wished-for items reflect their pronounced twindividuality.

Today, for your perusal---and amuse-al---behold She-Twin's lofty list:

1. William
Who's William? A sweet kitten from the SPCA. Double Daddy detests cats; not only that, She-Twin and He-Twin are allergic. Not going to happen. [FYI: William has found a happy home. Not ours.]

2.) iPod Touch
Uh, no.

3.) Cat (in general, if not William)
See #1. She's nothing if not tenacious.

4.) DSI
The pervasive, popular hand-held electronic game system. Call us tyrants, we aren't doing them---or any console video games---in our house. At others' homes, A-OK.

5.) million bucks
Suppose it never hurts to ask...

6.) Pomeranian
Not going to happen. Larry will put his paw down.

7.) Huskie Webkinz
Want to say this is a possibility, unless of course they've been discontinued and are available only via extortionists on eBay...

8.) a Faberge egg
Think the last one that went on the auction market sold for upwards of $18.5 million. Refer to #5...

9.) hamster
Not going to happen. Larry will put his paw down.

10.) bunny
Not going to happen. Larry will put his paw down. [FYI: Double Daddy and I had a much-loved She-Bunny named Dwayne for 8+ years. She passed in 2000, and a few months later, we learned we were pregnant with twins.]

11.) kitten
Repeating the same request over-and-over does not work. Hoping once She-Twin turns TEN (that's double digits, you know), she'll figure that out.

12.) iPhone 4
Hasn't she heard the iPhone 5 is coming out later in September? Not going to happen.

13.) cel phone
No. Not going to happen.

So anyone have any ideas for what might please a precocious, yet consummately precious, nearly ten-year-old She-Twin? Needless to say, we're open to suggestions....

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TOMORROW: He-Twin's wish list. Be sure to tune in....


ozjunkie said...

How about a FAKE Faberge necklace egg? Some of those on display at the exhibit were really cute... with creative themes. Maybe one of them will be a kitten, dog or bunny and you can knock off two items on the list at the same time?

Sarah said...

I love that list! She certainly dreams big. :)

Barbara Manatee said...

ha! She's persistent! What about a Kitty Webkinz? ha! To go along with the Huskie! ;-)

Every time one of my two want something, they say "Can I ask Santa for that?" Sure can! Not sure he's going to be you EVERYTHING you've asked for all year long but it doesn't hurt to ask!

cat said...

Oh Larry will have to make his voice hear over these requests.