Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whatcha, Whatcha, Whatcha Want?

With twins turning TEN (that's DOUBLE DIGITS, Friends) on September 5th, both have put pencil to paper---in efforts to ensure pleasing presents.

Yesterday, a glimpse of She-Twin's desired gift gamut; today, He-Twin's quest for "Quality Gifts"

1.) Lego Hogwarts
Ooof. The $130 set. So big. So many bricks. So unlikely.

2.) Hogwarts Lego add-on
Smaller size, price, and brick-quantity. A fair request...

3.) DS (I know!)
To repeat our parents of multiples manifesto response from She-Twin's request for the same: "Call us tyrants, we aren't doing them---or any console video games---in our house. At others' homes, A-OK."

4.) See Potter movies 2-5
A permission request. Creative. Appreciate the mindset.

5.) To read Harry Potter books 6 and 7
Again with a permission request. Well-played. Heretofore forbad (we felt they were simply too mature for age 9), he devoured 1-5. Pondering....

6.) meat hose
Ever since he learned Taco Bell's beef-like taco and burrito filling is dispensed via a literal hose of meaty deliciousness, he's wanted one of his very own. In his room. Who can blame him?


8.) something for #7
He knows humor works in his favor, and wisely plays to his advantage.

9.) Looney Tunes action figures
Since his earliest days, he's had an affinity for the off-beat. He asked for--and got--a Swedish Chef toy for his 4th birthday. Once he discovered The Muppet Show, Sweetums became a favorite. Think this line item would be far easier to accomplish than those wishes fulfilled.

(anything Harry Potter-y)

Thanks for making it easy, My Boy. We'll figure out some fun---for you, and your "Little Sister." (by seven minutes...)

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Barbara Manatee said...

He has some fun ideas!! My kids would love a big Lego kit too...but we'd be the ones building them still! ha!

But a meat hose? blech!!