Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mick: The Solo Tour

He wasn't named Jimi, Janis, Jon Bonham or Keith Moon, but sadly, before his time, Mick's hermit crab tank mate has gone on to the great after-show in the sky.

R.I.P., Ozzy.

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Jamie said...

We've had many hermit crabs, and did a great deal of research on them. They do better in warm humid tanks (ours were dropping like flies until we figured this out and got a different tank we could keep warm and humid, the plastic ones they come with at mist hermie kiosks or pet stores aren't good for them) and with other hermit crabs. Despite what we think when we hear their name they are very social. If you do get a new one, you must be careful how you introduce them to each other though. They can have shell envy and will fight over a new shell. Hermit crabs will die defending its shell. We learned this the hard way when one was ripped in half trying to defend itself, poor thing had just come home with us too! There are many great hermit crab care sites out there that list the big care tips. They're z pretty easy pet once all the basics are in place!

Val said...

Awww. Poor Ozzy. And I love you for your references.