Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aspirational American Apparel

Charged with choosing an occupation and sharing it on a shirt via Sharpie (alliteration, I can't quit you), here are our two's tees:

[Do be sure to note the centrally placed frame featuring the word "Crap" in the speak bubble.]


[Dare I declare waiting tables may have prepared me for all my life's jobs--mothering multiples included--better than college did? No slight intended, W&M...]

Not to omit the arts angle, the obverse of She-Twin's tee predicts performance...

Ask your little ones what THEY'D like to be...and share their response in the comments!
What did YOU want to be when you were in elementary school? Do you remember?
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Terra said...

I am so going to aks them to draw it out, I love this!