Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Way Back When-esday: Girl Gardener

Dateline: May 2007
Twins' Age: 5

WOW! How I love this weekly reverie...doubt I've seen this image since the month it was taken.

She-Twin and I---with great optimism, but fleeting commitment to care---planted the wagon-full of pretty posies in our backyard that happy spring day. In this simple snapshot, so many memories! Not only of our "Girls' Garden," but....

-The Piggly Wiggly tee-shirt we "home-made." After a visit to Hilton Head the preceding summer, we all fell in love with the cheery mascot. Took the logo from the cereal box we acquired while there, scanned it, created iron-ons and made twin oinky tees.

-The Radio Flyer Wagon. Grandma and Grandpa Lage bought the sturdy two-seater...with cup-holders even! On neighborhood strolls, the wagon was a wonderful stroller alternative. Sadly, the wagon was stolen from alongside our home at some point....likely during a fall or winter window of lesser use. My hope is that the pilferer needed it badly and enjoyed their times in it as much as we did.

-Double Daddy's Red Honda Civic. That thing RAN...for a very, very long time.

-The Pin-Oak (a.k.a. Smiley Tree). That thing stood watch over us---and all our home's preceding residents---for a very, very long time.

Why don't you dive into your digital files and play along with Way Back When-esday?

Seek out an overlooked snapshot or scan a scrapbook find...share an image you might not otherwise. Tell the tale and place a post on your blog. Be sure and link back to participate in the web-wide reverie...and please leave a comment when you do!

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debi9kids said...

LOVE this and all of the wonderful memories it brought back for you (that you shared with us)
Adorable picture!

Wendy said...

I linked up this week!

Dumb Mom said...

Looking back at photos is so fun! Yours makes me long for warm weather. Hurry up spring!

cat said...

Stunning photo and memories.

Dee said...

I love looking back - this one is so cute!

momto8 said...

what a picture to bring back beautiful memories! proves the value of pictures!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Amanda said...

What a great photo and great memories!

I cannot believe it's been so long since I've linked up to this. I'm thankful my niece texted me this morning asking me to do a Way back When-esday post!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwww! That is the sweetest ever! :)

angie said...

That bandana on her head is just too cute for words!