Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Way Back When-esday: Lollipop Lickers

Dateline: 2003
Twins' age: 2

In their earliest of years, She-Twin and He-Twin had rare occasion to enjoy a candy treat. Following a pediatrician's visit, and the associated vaccinations (note the tear residue adorning She-Twin's cheek), cherry Dum-Dums were doled.

Their focus and fascination, their baby hands and bibs, warm my mid-week.

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The Smiths said...

Love sticky chubby little hands..I know, messy. But it means they enjoyed it that much more :)

Liz said...

Beautiful shot!

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in time out said...

I love to reminisce! What a wonderful way to spend wednesday!

Happy leap day!

And super cute picture of the two little suckers! Super sweet!

Angela said...

We usually comfort the kids after shots with ice cream.

cat said...

Oh look at those two cuties