Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As Black History Month Ends....

Driving home from school...

She-Twin (with genuine curiosity): "Mom, which do you think is the worst: discrimination, segregation, or prejudice?"

Mom (without much thought): "Aren't they all pretty much the same thing?"

She-Twin (reproachfully): "They're not at all the same thing! Segregation is separating into groups. Discrimination is treating people differently because of race or religion. Prejudice is a hatred of people who are different than you are...usually because of race or religion."

Mom (ashamed): "Wow. With that in mind, which one do you think is worst?"

She-Twin (with conviction): "Prejudice. Hatred is always wrong, and often leads to the other two."

Here's to the content of her character.
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Barbara Manatee said...

Wise beyond her years!

Jennifer Collier said...

Our children are our best teachers. If only everyone had her attitude!!