Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our State Fair was a Great State Fair

Past-tense. The Virginia State Fair, as of yesterday, is the nostalgic stuff of history.

A casualty of the economy perhaps...maybe a wee bit of greed sprinkled atop---reminiscent of the powdered sugar adorning a fresh-from-the-fryer funnel cake, only far less tasty.

From my first Fair experience running camera for a public TV station to what unknowingly was my last experience this past 2011 season, each and every trip to the fair was a memory-making event.

In those early, pre-parenthood days, no ride was too rickety, no edible* too egregious.

(*Although it's doubtful I'll ever forget telling the director over headsets---as did my fellow camera operators---we all needed to lock-down our shots immediately and depart for the restroom following some less-than-savory, undercooked BBQ chicken...)

Once a parent, aspects formerly overlooked became the main attractions. Giant John Deere tractors. Squealing, racing pigs. The "Dragon Wagon" kiddie coaster. Baby chicks emerging from their shells.

Amazing moments of Americana all too rare in our breakneck-paced 21st century lives.

Farewell, Beloved Virginia State Fair. Thanks for the memories.
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angie said...

How sad! Think of all those people who won't get to gorge themselves on all things fried and then touch farm animals and still live to see the next day. IT's the stuff memories are made of and so sad!

Barbara Manatee said...

What great memories (and a great final photo!). So sorry to hear about the loss.

you totally had me with Deep Fried Oreos, PB&J and Mac & Cheese!! All sound wonderfully sinful to me!

Terra said...

oh what a bummer! But I have to say I wouldn't miss that food one bit!

cat said...

Oh that's sad. But great memories though