Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All's Fine and Good

As He-Twin sat playing Wii...

Mom: "Did you tell Daddy about your field trip today?"

Double Dad (genuinely curious): "You had a field trip today, Buddy? Where'd you go?"

He-Twin (still game-focused): "The Virginia Historical Society."

Double Dad (quietly but intensely, a la Robert DeNiro): "What? You think you're better than me?"

He-Twin (at first stunned, then giggling): "No..."

Double Daddy: "Do you know why I did that? I wanted to see if you were listening. Usually when I ask a question like 'How was your day?' and you're distracted, you just respond, 'Fine,' or 'Good.' I wanted to make sure you were paying attention to my question. So, how was your field trip?'

He-Twin (with a smirk): "Good."

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cat said...

Caught out he is! And just have to love Larry dog

Terra said...

That is cute!!!