Monday, April 2, 2012

Makes My Monday: Marvelous Mentor

Earlier this spring, He-Twin decided he would like to become a Christian and to be baptized on Easter Sunday. Thankfully, the church we attend takes these types of choices very seriously and facilitates special faith friendships via a 5-week "preparedness class."

He-Twin's study partner may look familiar to ardent NCAA basketball fans...voted VCU's "Rowdiest Ram Fan," Chris Crowley has often appeared in camera cutaways to the cheering crowd. Not only that,  he's an extremely skilled tenor, a long-time a soloist at our church, beloved by Darren---and our whole family---for years.

Yesterday morning, on Palm Sunday, my boy declared his decision in front of our congregation. Yesterday afternoon, was the last "official" session with his much-loved mentor.

At the conclusion of that final class, as He-Twin and I walked to the car, we joyfully reflected on his life-impacting choice.

The fact he was able to walk the path to openly declared faith alongside someone so very supportive and loving Makes My Monday.

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Goddess in Progress said...

Good for Darren! What a mature decision and sounds like a wonderful mentoring relationship. Is it appropriate to say "congratulations?" Well, either way, I mean it as a sincere pat on the back for Darren!

debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! This just made me smile so much.
What a lovely, lovely son you are raising!
And what a beautiful Easter blessing!
Congrats to Darren.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

That is so awesome, Cheryl. My mother and I just had a conversation about allowing people to find faith on their own path rather than cramming it down their throats. I'd love to hear more about how you incorporated this into your daily lives. If you don't feel comfortable blogging about this, I'd love an email too...pushy, aren't I? :)

Drew said...

Chris sings with me in the Richmond Symphony Chorus. Such a nice, tiny planet we've got, isn't it?

Meryl said...

WOW how exciting. Congratulations and have a happy holiday. Thanks for hosting the hop and have a great week.

Amanda said...

This is amazing! I know how proud I was of my Scott when he became a Catholic 2 years ago on Easter. I can only imagine how proud you are of Darren being baptized.

cat said...

Whata wonderful decision. Easter weekend is going to be super special this year. Congratulations to you all.