Thursday, May 31, 2012

Common Ground Trumps Conflict

Political ponderings. Our twin-blessed family is fixated with them.

In 2008, our then-7-year-old She-Twin was ardently pro-Hillary...

our He-Twin, pr-Obama.

This election season, with greater maturity, exposure, and regrettably, cynicism, this:

She-Twin (rarely pleased with limited offerings): "Mom, what if no one really wants to vote for Obama or Romney?"

The diatribe that followed hopefully illuminated the futility of a Spongebob Squarepants write-in protest vote, but her precocious dissatisfaction with the predictable 2012 presidential ballot offerings struck a thought-provoking chord.

How do we differentiate betwixt candidates?

Do we vote issues? Do we vote perceived character? Do we vote party line?

Can we endeavor to empathize, understand and respect those whose choice is unlike our own?

Condemnation and criticism are exhausting; our energies are best spent otherwise.

Let's have faith in our fellow Americans to make choices they feel are right for them, and our country. However risky and naive it may appear, let's have faith that whichever candidate is elected this fall will earnestly do their very best for our common good.

A quick epiphany to entertain:

Mitt Romney was formerly a vocally pro-choice man. Later, he felt convicted, and declared he was pro-life.

Barack Obama was formerly a vocal proponent of marriage only between a man and a woman. Later, he felt convicted, and declared he supported same-sex marriage.

Cynically, one might surmise both altered their personal beliefs solely for political gain.

Optimistically, one might hope both decided their earlier beliefs were in need of evolution.

Either way, intellectual integrity mandates we give both equal benefit of the doubt.

Non-argumentative insights and perspectives welcomed.

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Holli said...

Love the refreshingly positive comments...and on politics! :) Just found your blog through Multiples and More. Looking forward to following!

The Ishum Quads said...

Found you through the Multiples and More blog link up!

I love that your kids actually care, are thinking about the process, and asking questions. That is fantastic! I hope when my babies are old enough to start talking, that I can encourage them in the same direction!