Friday, April 4, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

This morning, as Scott extracted himself from the bed (Darren had already piled in; Sarah was still snoring in her own) and pulled the curtain aside to check the weather, Darren optimistically asked, "Is there any snow today, Daddy?" Hope springs eternal....especially in Spring.

While I am not one for declaring my personal political predilections online, Darren is unabashedly and vocally Pro-Obama. (Sarah is as ardently pro-Hillary...there's a blog waiting to happen...)

After a recent trip to McDonald's (note the Depp-esque pirate-y doo-rag), upon clicking on the TV to access "The Mr. Men Show" on-demand, first channel on revealed an in-progress interview with Senator Obama. Never one to miss a photo op, Darren rushed to the screen and said, "Get the camera, Mom!"

And so I did.

No matter who we all want to see as President next term, here's hoping that in the forty years that have passed since the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., we're a generation closer to more unified, less-judgmental, non-prejudiced life in the U.S. One thing is for sure, Darren's on-board.

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Craig Hunter Ross said...

Looks like Uncle Craig needs to have a little "sit down" with his dear niece and nephew and set them straight! :-)