Monday, May 7, 2012

Makes My Monday: Hello, Hello

Grand Master Wordsmith and the Furious Calculator (a.k.a. He-Twin) came up with some charming math-based messages this weekend past...

The fact this photo features "hello" as opposed to "boobless" should tell you a bit about my powers of discretion.

He-Twin's happy, hammy humor Makes My Monday.

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Also Making My Monday, Double Daddy's and my trek to the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center to embark on high dose IL-2 treatment....treatment that we are faithful will knock this annoyingly recurrent beast out of my man forever. Good thoughts and prayers much appreciated...we look forward to sharing a "NO MORE CANCER!" Makes My Monday in the very near future.


Threeundertwo said...

Keeping Double Daddy in my prayers! Glad you have your math whiz around to provide some smiles.

Michelle G said...

Prayers for you guys!!

Dianna Kennedy said...

Praying for you and Double Daddy -- keep us posted.