Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So Long, Sweet Sir Sendak...

This morning, our regular reading of the morning news ticker bore sad news: Maurice Sendak, author of many of our twins' and our favorite books, has died at age 83, following complications from a stroke. What follows is a re-post of a Tw-In Review from 2009. 

In memory of Mr. Sendak, we will again offer a giveaway...a paperback copy of his once-banned (What? An illustration of a dreaming, naked young boy? Appalling!) In the Night Kitchen. 

No big screen adaptation of Maurice's masterpiece for us. Much like I never wanted to see the film interpretation of my much-loved Harriet the Spy (or Little Women for that matter), our family is politely boycotting Spike Jonze's cinematic version of Where the Wild Things Are. (*At time of this reposting, we have still dodged the viewing of the film. ---CRL)

For Darren in particular, the enigmatically illustrated participants in the wild rumpus of infamy are revered---and have been for years.
To tamper too dramatically with my son's minds-eye imaginings based on the Caldecott award winning text originals borders on blasphemy.

Timed impeccably, the folks at Scholastic Storybook Treasures offered to send us a copy of their new DVD release (we had already purchased and nearly worn out their first incarnation) of Where The Wild Things Are & Five More Stories By Maurice Sendak for our review.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover this repackaged presentation has an added read-along function (a facet I like, but in truth, the kids find it distracting), a reading of Wild Things in French and Spanish, and a different, more fleshed out interview with Mr. Sendak himself. Darren often popped in our first DVD of WTWTA to simply enjoy the author discussing the conception of his seminal story and other writings. Our new DVD is providing further insights from the writer himself, and Darren couldn't be happier. Neither could I.
In Darren's words: "This DVD is cool, awesome and fun to watch. When Max hypnotizes the Wild Things it is actually magical."

Watching my children enjoy literary works well-remembered from my youth---maintaining in video form the integrity of the original books---is indeed nothing shy of magical.

As a parent, I give this new and improved DVD a solid, "eat you up I love you so" A...
and thank Scholastic Storybook Treasures very much for our gratis review copy.

In memory of Mr. Sendak and our appreciation of his unique, groundbreaking perspectives in children's literature, we will giveaway a paperback copy of In the Night Kitchen. Simply leave a comment on this post between now and next Tuesday, May 15th with the title of your favorite book by Mr. Sendak, or your family memories of Where the Wild Things Are.

You may comment once per calendar day, GOOD LUCK!

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Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I took my girl to see the movie "Where the wild things are". We were disapointed. It is one of her and mine favorite books. They move was bad.
I love that cake. Very cool.

Christy said...

Carole King singing Sendak's The Nutshell Library stories will always be my favorite! Although, WTWTA is a very close second...

Barbara Manatee said...

Such a sad loss to children's literature! Love that cake, though!