Thursday, May 10, 2012

Twin the Moment: Exhibit A

In their earliest infant days, when onlookers were curious about the twin mystique, we were asked repeatedly: "Do they have their own language?" "Are they very best friends?" "Do they feel each other's pain?"

As babies, if truth is to be told, they were mostly speed bumps to each other! (One memorable contradictory example: She-Twin was crying inconsolably; He-Twin extracted his own pacifier and lovingly, with obvious intent, placed it in her mouth.)

Now that our two are ten, we do seem to get more frequent glimpses into their special relationship.

There may just be something to that "Twin Mystique" after all.
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Barbara Manatee said...

I wouldn't say my two have a twin talk, but they are definitely very close and I love it. All 3 are very close actually and it warms my heart!