Monday, January 4, 2016

Making Mental, Mindful Resolutions in 2016

Predictably, the Today show’s January promos are touting tips for fat loss in the New Year.  Seasonally strategic placements for Atkins, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers populate TV commercial time and online ad space. Groupon offers for post-holiday “BodyBlasting” are piling up in our email boxes and Facebook feeds.

Seems the annual array of appearance-revolving resolution support systems are out in full-force.

Feel free to label me “lazy,” or as my beloved teenaged She-Twin might assess, I’ve elected to “let myself go.”  Some truth may dwell therein. 

As challenging as physical body beautification seems to be (Heaven knows there are abundant products to facilitate that path); this year, I’m aspiring for greater goals---none of which require carb-counting, thigh-thinning, or the slightest bit of attention to my abs.

Cut the Complaining.
No one needs negativity. Every party has a pooper. In 2016, it won’t be me.

Be Thoroughly Thankful.
The oft-overlooked little things. Be aware and acknowledge accordingly.

Gab it up more with God.
Even if no words are spoken aloud. Actually---especially---when no words are spoken aloud.

Lift Loved Ones.
Sounds like exercise, but this lifting---no matter how weighty the loved ones---isn’t heavy. Extend encouragement. Listen willingly. Compliment consistently. Hug tightly.

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