Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Way Back When-esday - Healthy Helpings and a Hoverer

Dateline: July 2010
Twins' Age: 8

Less than a month earlier, the furry face in the middle had joined the Lage family. Clearly, he fit right in!

Double Daddy just reminisced yesterday, "Larry was the perfect dog at the perfect time for our family." 
Still miss that sweet boy every day.

This sweet trio of smiles warm my heart this mid-week.


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Way Back When-esday - Cuties with Cakes

Dateline: September 2006
Twins' Age: Freshly 5 

Presidential placemats. Pointy birthday hats. Declarative ribbons. Cakes adorned with current fave characters. Is that a tell-tale bit of icing on He-Twin's upper lip? Who's the featuree on She-Twin's cake? 
Can you tell? 

Memories of birthday glee warm my heart this mid-week. 

So much love for them---and Double Daddy---then, and so much now. 



Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Way Back When-esday - Foregrounds and Backgrounds

 Dateline: October 2007
Twins' Age:

Stumbled upon a e-folder long-unopened, a treasure trove of days-gone-by glimpses. 

In the foreground:
Sparkly-eyed siblings, sporting big grins with baby teeth.

In the background:
Darren's poster project prepared for his kindergarten class "Get to Know Me."
Sarah's pink and purple---and rarely used---pocketbook received for our review as "twinfluencers" (before the term was coined). 
Stadler and Waldorf, no doubt cracking wise, from their make-shift balcony, atop the sofa back.

Loving the breadth of memories spurred by this simple candid...and most of all, the kiddos therein. 

Happy Mid-Week, Wonderful Ones.