Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pomp and Circumstance - Celebrating She-Twin

Last weekend was a whirlwind! 

While we never heard Elgar's strains amidst the celebration and ceremonies, thanks to the Honorable John Charles Thomas, we did hear with enlightened ears William & Mary's alma mater multiple times.
Hark Upon the Gale, indeed! 

The pictures speak volumes.

Our hearts are filled with joy, love, pride, and excitement for Sarah, and for all that lies ahead of her.

This fall, she'll begin the pursuit of her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology under Dr. Steven Benning, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 


Twinfatuation ongoing! Love you and so proud of you, Sarah---
My precious She-Twin, always.


Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Way Back When-esday - Healthy Helpings and a Hoverer

Dateline: July 2010
Twins' Age: 8

Less than a month earlier, the furry face in the middle had joined the Lage family. Clearly, he fit right in!

Double Daddy just reminisced yesterday, "Larry was the perfect dog at the perfect time for our family." 
Still miss that sweet boy every day.

This sweet trio of smiles warm my heart this mid-week.


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Way Back When-esday - Cuties with Cakes

Dateline: September 2006
Twins' Age: Freshly 5 

Presidential placemats. Pointy birthday hats. Declarative ribbons. Cakes adorned with current fave characters. Is that a tell-tale bit of icing on He-Twin's upper lip? Who's the featuree on She-Twin's cake? 
Can you tell? 

Memories of birthday glee warm my heart this mid-week. 

So much love for them---and Double Daddy---then, and so much now.