Monday, February 1, 2021

Their Fourth. Their First.

New Year. New President.
Worth staying up late to see the patriotic process happen.

Joseph Robinette Biden may be our country's 46th president, but he's the fourth president of our pair's lifetime. He's the first for whom they were able to cast their votes. 

May God continue to bless our twins, and may God bless America.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Nutcracker Anew

Tradition: a practice repeated, providing comfort, nostalgia, fond memories.

Every holiday season, She-Twin and I have made a tradition of seeing The Richmond Ballet's The Nutcracker.

This year, for reasons all-too-obvious, the the show could not "go on" as in the past. 

This year, artists and supporters of the arts have risen to new heights of creativity. We were able to "Bring the magic home" with a family Nutcracker box.

Picked up from traditionally costumed dancers, including the crowd-pleasing Russian Bear...

Inside the box, from Melissa's Simply Sweet, an assortment of thematically appropriate cookies and supplies to decorate at home...

Packed with care by the Sugar Plum Fairy herself...

within the box, not only a streaming link for watching the show at a time of our choosing, we received a small Nutcracker. We can keep the annual tradition of gifting He-Twin with one post-performance.

As we were driving away, treasure box in hand,

Mom: "It's so sad they've all worked so hard for so many months and now cannot perform this year."

She-Twin: "It's not sad, it's just different."

Wise words to remember for the remainder of 2020, and beyond, as we keep the health of others at the fore. 

Celebrate differently. Celebrate safely, Friends. 
Peace and love to you all.


Friday, November 27, 2020

Table for Four

COVID-precautions mandated minimalism, yet undeniable blessings demanded maximalism. 

Double Daddy pulled out all the succulent and savory stops---preparing an abundant spread of deliciousness.

He-Twin and She-Twin, now both home for an extended, pandemic-facilitated winter break, brought their typical love and laughter to the well to their Dad's and my hearts.

Our ongoing prayer this Thanksgiving season...
We hold those struggling with unspeakable loss, illness, dis-ease, and uncertainty aloft in prayer.
We hold those we love, and cannot be with safely for the foreseeable future, close in heart.
We hold sincerest gratitude for all blessings, the enormous and teensy, every single day.
Thanks be to God.