Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Way Back When-esday - Represent

Dateline: December 2015
Twins' Age: 14
[Special thanks to He-Twin and She-Twin for selectting today's featured age.]

Kicking off a blogpost with a dictionary definition is a bit cliched, but today, it's imperative.

To represent is "to be entitled or appointed to act or speak for someone, especially in an official capacity."

Today, both Darren and Sarah---in their separate high schools---join in a peaceful walk-out from 10:00a - 10:17a, along with many (hopefully, a majority) of their fellow classmates, teachers, and school administrators.

One minute to act and speak for each of the students lost in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre last month.

Darren is wearing his high school tee. I am wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with Sarah's high school name. Sarah and her fellow students are wearing of the school colors for the students in Parkland who tragically, can no longer wear theirs.

Something HAS to change.


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