Monday, April 5, 2021

Nineteen---Now, Twin Language?

Twin-speak. Idioglossia. A "language" unique to a single person---or two closely connected people.

Way back in 2004, before blogging was widespread, three years before this blog began, we hosted one of the first web support sites for new twin parents, As a facet of that site, we fielded reader-submitted Q&A---responding simply as empathetic, in-the-experience, fellow twin parents.

One of the most frequently asked questions was about "twin language." On that site, in this blog, and in Twinspiration (both editions) we shared our two's "secret language" was solely English...some words were pronounced with the challenge typical of babies/toddlers, but the words were undeniably English.

Flash forward seventeen years: Our He-Twin is a freshman at VCU (attending remotely during COVID). Our She-Twin is a freshman at William & Mary (hybrid of remote and in-person learning). As such, both have more independence/agency over their food and drink selections on a day-to-day basis than ever before.

Late afternoon last Saturday, in separate cities, both craved smoothies. Both selected Tropical Smoothie Café as their purveyor of choice. Of the twenty-five flavor options available, both selected Bahama Mama.

Is it a "secret language" telepathically spoken? Probably not.

Coincidence? Probably.

Connectedness? Definitely.

As a twin-loving Mama, I'll take it. 


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