Wednesday, March 16, 2022


 ...seems like a word which could have been aptly used throughout our twin-raising years. Despite the near simultaneity of twin development milestones, most-assuredly there were, and continue to be, asynchronous moments.

Missed past-usage opportunities aside, "asynchronous" has now become a frequently used word in our household. Darren and Sarah's college experience thus far has been amidst a global pandemic. For nearly two years now---their freshman and sophomore years---many of He-Twin and She-Twin's classes have been "asynchronous." Lectures have been presented not-in-classroom, but "attended" safely via video/Zoom, in workable timing for each student, and their professor(s).

What else is asynchronous? This year, their spring breaks; so no full-family excursion beach-ward.

Instead, we'll be happy to see them separately, whenever we can finagle around schedules busy with work, study, and ideally, some time designated for a genuine BREAK.  (In Darren's case, with BREAD.)

Cheers to Spring!

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