Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Way Back When-esday - Foregrounds and Backgrounds

 Dateline: October 2007
Twins' Age:

Stumbled upon a e-folder long-unopened, a treasure trove of days-gone-by glimpses. 

In the foreground:
Sparkly-eyed siblings, sporting big grins with baby teeth.

In the background:
Darren's poster project prepared for his kindergarten class "Get to Know Me."
Sarah's pink and purple---and rarely used---pocketbook received for our review as "twinfluencers" (before the term was coined). 
Stadler and Waldorf, no doubt cracking wise, from their make-shift balcony, atop the sofa back.

Loving the breadth of memories spurred by this simple candid...and most of all, the kiddos therein. 

Happy Mid-Week, Wonderful Ones.

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