Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The End of the Campaignin'

In posts past, we've revealed our full-family penchant for all things political. As such, the customization of JibJab's hysterical short mandated a he-version and a she-version.
[The kids so love their presence in the pieces, that we effectively used the deprivation of viewings as an effective consequence for poor behavior the last few days.]

And yes, we informed the precocious readers that jacka** and wu** are inappropriate words and not to be used inside -- or especially, outside -- this house.

As you head off to vote, go ahead and get this catchy tune in your heads, and the twin of your choice (or both!) in your mind's eye.

Sarah enjoys some campaignin' and Darren knows the jihad needs containin'.

Our pilgrimage to the polling place (in the precipitation, none-the-alliteration-less) progresses presently. More later...

Happy Election Day!

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Daily thankfulness to be noted later today...


Octamom said...

Our kids are excited to fill in their electoral college maps as the results come in--it's amazing to me how even the little ones get into following the results--

Love that you were able to use political jib-jab as behavior incentive--hilarious!

MommyJ said...

So, so glad that all the campaigning will be over.

I love your kids. :)

The Burger Blog said...

I voted absentee, my dh is helping at a poll site and really didn't want to take the babies when I was trying to make important decisions. I let Braeden watch as I filled in the bubbles and even let him do one....they won't let you do that a the polls, lol!

Braeden will let Braeden watch for the results until bedtime and hopefully when he wakes he will know the next president.

Goddess in Progress said...

Cute cute!

Good luck braving the rain. Democracy in action! Happy Election Day!

Gail said...

I'm about to head out to the polling booth myself. I just LOVE that your kids are so involved. My older ones are, but I can't wait until these younger ones start taking notice. :) Happy Tuesday!

rachael said...

happy election day!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL at that video! Now I have it in my head haha

Already voted here. I was number 1001 at 7am!

Bia said...

As a former English teacher, I love that alliteration.

At the voting booth I had protect my voting entries because my little one, who was standing behind me, kept trying to sneak his hand in and push the buttons. Whew. I got my vote cast, though.

Rebecca said...

You'd be proud...I took my 2.5 month kids to the polls...we got to the front of the line too! I am going to be happy though that I won't have to see any more of those ads on television! Soooo sick of them!