Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chide Before a Stall

With so much to share after a day trip to the zoo, a late return home from work for Daddy merited a late retiring to bed for Darren and Sarah. As one might expect, the "unique circumstance" inch shimmied its way into the cliched multi-minute mile.

The whereabouts of JoJo (Daddy's favorite orangutan) were discussed. Hypotheses as to the location of unseen Quincy the Chimp were offered. We learned of newly acquired lemurs and a growing population of zebras. Upon the conclusion of the animal kingdom conversation, Sarah decided to style Daddy's hair while Darren simultaneously shared highlights of the latest issue of Lego Brickmaster magazine.
When the clock revealed it was an hour and a half past bedtime, we ordered the ascension of the stairs for the belated onset of the nighttime routine. Slow-to-action, still-chatting Sarah hadn't moved as her half-way up the stairs, bed-ready brother tossed out,

"Sarah, it's time for bed. Come up and brush your teeth and get your pajamas on. This isn't a talk-a-thon."

Well, all right then. Thanks for the parental assist, D.
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Tim said...

I think all kids have something against bedtime. Its just one of those normal things I guess. Like I have always wondered why my son gets so upset when hes told its bath time. He will go tear crazy. Then once hes in hes as happy as a fish just splashing around playing in the water. Then as soon as he gets out, hes upset wanting to get back in and do the exact thing that upset him so much to being with that he didnt want to do. Go figure. HA

Love and Prayers,


Michelle said...

LOL, talk a thon! I have a feeling the my Gracie will be a gabby goose, because she already is, just not sure what she's saying yet!

cat said...

Love the zoo! And off course, it is holiday time - I guess, stepping off routine is not that bad.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I love the way write! You are so very talented!
A later bedtime is a must after an exciting day at the zoo!
It makes P.J. and I chuckle to hear a little parental assistance from one of the girls.

mommytoalot said...

LOl..i agree that you are a very talented writer.
This post made me smile.

Lisa said...

wow - your little boy has inherited his mommy's way with words! How funny.

Jo said...

I snorted and Dr. Pepper came out of my nose when I read the 'talk-a-thon' comment. That was AWESOME.

Lani said...

That was awesome! Sometimes I don't know if I am too eager for my kids to start talking more, or if maybe it can wait. At least they go to bed with out protest... but I really do want to know what's on their minds:)