Sunday, March 4, 2012

Makes My Monday: The Extra Mile

Taking a page from Aunt Cathy's book, She-Twin ran her first mile race this weekend.

The fact she looks so lovely afterward Makes My Monday.

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What else Makes My Monday? 

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Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

OOH! How exciting! She does look ADORABLE!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Way to go Sarah!!! And yeah - she looks great! When I come across the finish line, I'm all beet red in the face and can barely stand up straight. ha!

Terra said...

She twin took a play right out of my book! I swear I have the same picture in the photo albums of me growing up. Thanks for the memory!

Meryl said...

Have a great week, thanks for hosting. She twin is REALLY impressive!!!!

The Smiths said...

She looks fantastic after her 1st race. Good job, She-Twin :)