Monday, February 27, 2012

Makes My Monday: Tiny Dancer

She-Twin tried tae kwon do.

For a significant window of time, she adored horseback riding.

After an intentional break from all extra-curriculars, She-Twin decided she wanted to dance...and dance she does....and when she isn't dancing, she's thinking about it.

She-Twin's pirouette passion Makes My Monday.

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Barbara Manatee said...

She's such a talented drawer - I can only imagine how dedicated and talented she is as a dancer!

My Sarah had wanted to do dance for a year or two and we finally enrolled her this past fall. For reasons I'm not 100% sure of (but suspect that it was her first solo activity without her twin brother), she didn't want to continue and we pulled her out after 1 month of tears and resistance. Recently, as we pass the dance studio, she keeps telling me she wants to try again next year. We'll see!

The Smiths said...

great picture! She is quite talented all around