Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teach Me How to Doggie

Since landing our much-loved Larry, we've become overwhelmingly grateful for those self-sacrificing organizations who care for the enormous population of animals awaiting their own home and family.

Some time back, She-Twin began volunteering for the Richmond SPCA (where our darling dog was waiting for us two years ago). Unfortunately, student schedules, extra-curriculars and family needs have prohibited much shift serving as late.

Thankfully, along with tween-aged compadres from church, He-Twin and She-Twin had the opportunity this weekend to help the team at B.A.R.K., a group that shelters---and loves---100+ canines-in-waiting.

Relationships were forged.
Friendships were made. 
The middle schools to which the kids are applying all require or request community service. Richmond's pet placement services will no doubt have some enthusiastic assistance from the Lages.

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Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

Love this, and all your posts! Also, Your new family photo is beautiful!!

cat said...

Oh I love this! Such a great great cause